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How Our Electronic Pool Leak Detection Service Works

The Complete Kit – Our Leak Testing equipment makes finding swimming pool leaks simple.


When the hypersensitive PoolScope is dropped into the pool, it allows for all protrusions to be listened to: lights, skimmer seams, skimmer suctions, main drains, side suctions, spa jets, spa lights, etc.

The Pipe Mic

The Pipe Mic has a smaller head and is specifically used to locate leaks within pipes, skimmers, main drains and more.  Its smaller size allows it to be fed directly into small gaps to trace the leak to its source.


The Deck Plate and Soil Probe 

Perfect for listening for leaks beneath slabs, under landscaping, and/or other types of terrain. The Deck Plate has advanced noise filtering technology. It makes listening through concrete, brick, rock or any other solid surface simple.

The Inspection Camera 

This tiny camera allows us to see hard-to-reach places. It has an LED screen and adjustable lighting and picture settings. The flexible cord makes for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces, and the built-in dye injector allow us to conduct a dye test without having to get into the pool!

The Pipe Probe 

One of the most multifaceted tools in the leak detection industry, it makes it possible to listen through all types of landscaping, from gravel to grass and everything in between.

The Pressure Rig 

The rig can use both air and water to test the lines in question. A red valve controls the flow of water, while the gauge informs on current pipe pressure.

The FLASH Leak locating system

Made to simplify pinpointing a leak, separations and other problems within lines, the mic head is pulled through the line until the leak is detected. This mic emits a 512hz signal which can then be scanned, giving us the precise location of the leak.

The Handheld Vídeo Pipe Camera 

Allowing us to see leaks in difficult to reach places, this camera’s 20 metres of cable mean it can travel deep into the pipework. 

Your pool leaking water?

All we need to perform our Leak Detection service is

for the pool to be filled to its normal water level and for the bottom to be clearly visible.

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Specialist Swimming Pool Leak Detection Service

Based in the Central Algarve, we provide a professional, reliable pool leak detection service.

We use the most up to date equipment for pool leak detection, causing minimal disruption when making the repair.

Our Leak Testing equipment makes finding pool leaks simple.

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